Assist the clients by providing services and solutions to meet their goals. • To transform UEPL into one of the world’s strongest knowledge-based service provider for building natural environment. • To attain the status of an International Knowledge Process Outsourcing (IKPO) Organization in the areas of Environment, Ecology and Sustainable Development by garnering the enthusiasm of youth energy & activism along with the experience & wisdom of knowledge experts. • To facilitate sustainable development of the country and promoting “Green Economy” for attaining the status of a “Developed” nation • To be a leader in its chosen field • To be socially responsible • To ensure growth with profit and professional satisfaction.

• To act as mentor on all matters related to prevention and control of environmental pollution, environmental protection and sustainable development. • To provide consultancy services for development of systems related to pollution monitoring, Environmental Planning and Pollution Control. • To undertake research and capacity building programs on Environmental Studies, Pollution Control etc. • To conduct Environmental Surveys, that enables environmental groups to stay in tune with the concerns of the community. • Environmental Monitoring, Evaluation Studies and Impact Assessment. • To provide accurate and precise interpretation of results. • To provide utmost customer satisfaction by implementing and maintaining effective management system MISSION • UEPL delivers innovative and responsive solutions based on clear understanding of the client's needs and objectives, thorough analysis, regulatory and community considerations, and application of sound scientific and engineering principles. • UEPL looks forward for opportunities to reduce environmental effects through it's operations and support activities that promote protection of human health and a sustainable global environment

• Understanding Client Needs: The experts in UEPL are proactive in understanding client's needs and objectives, how the clients are likely to be affected by advances in science, changes in laws and regulations and societal perceptions of risk. • Technical Excellence: UEPL is the home of one of the best credentialed, most experienced and skilled consultants in the fields in which they practice. The experts in UEPL feel that the most senior partner remains involved in providing technical consulting advises. • Innovation: The experts in UEPL continually marshal their skills and expertise to develop innovative technical and financial tools and approaches to meet client needs, as part of their commitment to provide the best long term, cost effective solutions. • Responsiveness: UEPL ensures timely response to client concerns, and complete assignments on schedule through effective application of all necessary resources. • Professional Development and Training: UEPL provides tools and training necessary to develop leadership skills, technical competence, marketing and business development acumen, and business planning and management skills in order to address client's needs effectively and efficiently. • Firm-Focused Behavior: The experts in UEPL are committed to collaborative behavior that fosters the common goal of excellence in client service by promoting optimal direction of excellence in client service and client assignments and ensuring effective client satisfaction. • Ethics: UEPL vigorously advocates client’s positions while maintaining its own corporate and individual integrity. It is agreed by the clients that advocacy can be successful only where opinions are supported by objective analysis.

Since its inception, UEPL has been supporting community development projects as Corporate Responsibility. It also urges its clients to take up community development projects as Corporate Responsibility. As part of the business, UEPL upholds its Corporate Policy to support community development projects for socio-economic development of weaker section of the society. It believes that it is desirable to support communities in which the corporate world live and work. The UEPL Corporate Responsibility Team has developed metrics that helps to monitor its performances in each area of its community work.

  •   Environmental Statutory Clearances
  •   Forest Clearance
  •   Mining Plan /Scheme
  •   Remote Sensing and DGPS Survey
  •   EIA-EMP
  •   Environmental Parameter Monitoring and Analysis
  •   Clean Development Mechanism
  •   Technological Services
  •   Geotechnical Investigation
  •   Quality Control
  •   Non-destructive Testing
  •   Topographic Survey
  •   Hydrographic Survey
  •   Ground Water Survey
  •   Hydro-geological Investigation
  •   Environment Audit
  •   Environmental Impact Assessment
  •   Environment Management Plan
  •   Social Assessment
  •   Sustainability Report
  •   Environmental Baseline Data Generation
  •   Risk Assessment and Disaster Management Plan
  •   Health Risk Assessment
  •   Occupational Health and Safety
  •   Rain Water Harvesting
  •   Design and Engineering Services
  •   Eco-Counseling
  •   Scientific Studies